Our Story

My name is Mia and I’m the founder of


The dog sitting opposite me is Zimt, name giver to the studio and the driving force behind everything.

My name is Mia and I’m the founder of


The dog sitting opposite me is Zimt, name giver to the studio and the driving force behind everything.

Our journey together started in 2016, when I adopted Zimt.

At that time I was studying and working as a photography assistant in Barcelona. I knew that living with a dog would mean some changes in my life – but I had no idea to what extent.

The second Zimt came into my life, she became my family, my whole reality.

I felt an absolute and unconditional love.

A love that doesn’t need to be explained to those who have a dog themselves and that cannot be completely understood by people who don’t.

Of course it was not all perfect, Zimt was not an easy dog.

She came with medical problems that required several operations in her first years of life. And with the medical problems, the behaviour problems didn’t take long to follow. My idealistic view about having a dog was put to a test because I simply didn’t know how to deal with her problems.

I realised that no matter how big my love was, this alone was not enough. I would never do our relationship justice if I wasn’t able to really understand her.


So I started to educate myself about canine behaviour through books and videos, anything I could find. The more I learnt about dogs, the more fascinated I was – I became completely hooked in their world.

My wish to understand and help Zimt also helped me: It made me discover a deep passion for dogs.

In the same year I adopted Zimt, I began working and training at Can is Cool Centro Canino in Barcelona, to eventually become a dog trainer. Being around dogs fulfilled me and I continue working there until this day.

But I didn’t give up on my photography career either, in fact I found a new favourite subject to photograph: Zimt.

authentic expressions

She was not aware of the camera like a human, which was an amazing change and a challenge at the same time. The emotions she showed were always pure.

Using photography, I was able to show who she really was: her character, her unique expressions, all the different aspects that made Zimt so incredibly special to me.

Over the next years I photographed her everywhere, at home, outdoors, in the city, in nature – but when I took her to the photography studio where I worked, all the puzzle pieces fell into place:

The true essence in my photographs.

The studio was the perfect environment to connect my photographic vision with my knowledge about canine behaviour and explore the personality of a dog in a different way.


There were no distracting elements in the studio, the dog received the undivided attention and was the star of the show.

I started taking pictures for more people. People who loved their dogs as much as I loved Zimt, and who wanted to make their dogs’ unique personalities stand out.

I wasn’t looking for superficial beauty, I really wanted to show the dog’s character, fill the picture with their true identity.

In 2019 I knew exactly what I wanted to do:

I opened Zimtstudio, a portrait studio exclusively dedicated to dogs.