Our Philosophy

Dogs are our only protagonists.

Zimtstudio is a curated place. Every decision we took about the studio we had your dog in mind. Our vision was to create a space where dogs can feel comfortable and show how they really are.

We don’t just take pictures - we portray.

The key in our approach is to allow your dog’s personality to shine through. In our sessions we go beyond a “pretty picture” and create portraits of your dog that truly speak about their unique personality. We bring out all those special traits and quirks that will make you later look at the portraits and immediately recognize your dog in them.

We portray dogs not just because we love them, but because we understand them.

The best things happen when we combine our areas of expertise to create something new. Zimtstudio is the love child of the world of dog training and studio photography. Our professional background in photography makes us skilled experts in the studio. And having worked with hundreds of dogs over the last years on the training field has led us to develop a profound understanding of canine nature.

At Zimtstudio we truly live, breathe and speak dog.